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A different way to get help. A different way to give help. A different way to be part of something awesome.

How Includa can help

Includa creates autonomous and community-based teams, designed to serve NDIS participants and their community. Includa will link you with a team of local people who can help you with…


Community Connections

Includa can link you with like-minded support workers and who can help you develop connections in the community, based on your goals and interests.


Community Independence

Includa can assist you to develop skills to be independent in the community.


Education and Employment

Includa can help you prepare for further education and develop work-ready skills


Independence at Home

Includa can assist you to develop skills to be independent at home.


Online Supports

COVID-19 might change the way you receive disability support.

Frequently Asked Questions

NDIS Participant FAQs

You can receive support in the community, workforce and at home. We can help you become more involved and independent.
We have an online platform that you can directly talk to and manage your support team.

You can pay for support by NDIS funding, managed or self-managed plan. Read more on our pricing and payment page.

Support Worker FAQs

You can provide a range of support, from at-home personal care to support for work or in the community.
Freedom and flexibility of online disability support platforms combined with the safety and security of traditional support services.

You will get paid fortnightly through our secure online system. You can read more about this on our pricing and payment page.

What our customers are saying

Includa is proud to offer disability support services with a difference. Read what our customers have to say about our unique approach.

Includa are a friendly, fast responsive team that really care about the people they support
Belle Lylia
I have found Includa to be very experienced & knowledgeable. Thier Supprt Workers are excellent.
Sally Davis
A fresh new approach to support with no CEO, Managers or Team Leaders means more funds for clients support.
Ken Mitchell

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